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Hermiz Lending offers tailored mortgages to fit each family's specific needs.
Buying a home is not a one-size-fits-all process and home loans come in many shapes and sizes. You want to know that your mortgage is being fit to you, not the other way around. Contact us today to build your personalized mortgage.
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Why Choose Hermiz Lending?

Our process confidently ensures you'll get into the right mortgage for your unique needs.
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Getting started is as easy as filling out a five-minute application that you can do right from your phone! A team member will reach out to you right away to go over your plans and customize your loan options.
Once we have a game plan, we will ask you to provide supporting documents to get you approved for your loan, such as proof of income, proof of funds for a down payment, and bank statements. We work with the lender to get you qualified as soon as possible. We thoroughly vet our clients to ensure their loan approval is as good as cash, so you never have to worry that you'll get to the closing table and have financing fall apart.
Once we get you qualified for your loan, we're ready to close. We will co-ordinate with the title company and the seller to get you to the closing table as soon as possible. With Hermiz Lending, you can move into your home in as little as 14 days!
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Attorney Backed. Experience Driven.

Shop with the confidence of over 15 years of experience and the backing of an attorney.
The Hermiz Lending advantage is this: quality, speed, and knowledge, which come from 15 years of experience.

Frank's history working with the largest lenders in the United States has given him the inside knowledge that is critical to knowing how to qualify clients for the best possible loan and getting them closed quickly. While a bank may take 45-60 days to close a loan, Frank's average Clear-to-Close is 8 days.

Madana is an award-winning real estate lawyer that has covered all manners of issues that may arise in a typical transaction. When you work with Hermiz Lending, you automatically get Madana's legal expertise to help get you to the finish line. Suffice it to say, deals don't fall apart when you work with Hermiz Lending. We work tirelessly from all angles to make sure you get your dream home.
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Success Stories

  • Christine Beniamin
    Frank was absolutely by far the best lender I have worked with very responsive and reliable he got my clients loan closed within 9 days!!! Not many lenders take pride in what they do and out the client first as a realtor I appreciate all the hard work Frank put into getting my clients to the closing table as quick as he did I definitely recommend Frank and his team to anyone looking to purchase or refinance.
  • Kohsheen Wangnoo
    Greatly appreciated and satisfied as customers! We are first time home owners in town so we already had a lot of reservation due to overwhelming inputs. Trust me when I say, Frank and his team were nothing less than a breath of fresh air in the market of predators. He not only guided us through the process but lent an extra olive branch in terms answering our frequent questions, updates and communication. They made the whole experience so smooth and didn’t leave us stranded with a single question. A big thank you to Frank and the team for helping us get our first property. Looking forward to future endeavors with them as well!
  • Brittany DuPont
    Frank and his team were amazing to work with. From start to finish, the communication and work ethic were superb. I highly recommend them for all your mortgage needs.
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Your needs are unique. At Hermiz Lending, we will help match the right mortgage to meet those needs.
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